Entity One Gel Kit

Entity One Gel Kit
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Entity One Gel Technology.

Using innovative nanotechnology that cures within the nail enhancement, our proprietary formula lets you create nails with a shine, scratch resistance, and durabilitylike you've never seen before. 

What's more, Entity One is easier to apply, from start to stunning finish. Entity One is the start of something truly beautiful!

Entity One Gel can be cured using any 36-watt tunnel lamp.


Entity One Gel Kit contains:

* Entity One White, Natural White, Pink, Clear and Nuditi Pink Gel, 9g (.32 oz.)

* Entity One UV Gel Topcoat, 15 mL (.5 fl. oz.)

* Gel Brush

* Nu Bond Non Acid Primer, 15 mL (.5 fl. oz.)

* Natural Nail Prep, 228 mL (8 fl. oz.)

* Clear Evolution Nail Tips 50-pack

* Fuse Nail Adhesive, 7.5 mL (.25 fl. oz.)

* Clear Sculpting Forms, 20 ct

* Shaper file -150 grit zinc

* Refiner file -180 grit zinc

* Detailer file - 180 grit white

* Cuticle Oil, 15 mL (0.5 fl. oz.)

* Brush Wipes, 100 ct 4" x 4"

* Gel How-To Brochure

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